George Thornton English Channel Swim : Round 2 ; Day 2

Dear Family, Friends, & Fans of George,

Welcome to Round 2! As my sister Lara put it, here we go again.

As most of you well know, Dad/George is back in England to take another shot at swimming the English Channel. He and Mom/Louise arrived yesterday, and I arrived today. We are all settled in to our B&B in Dover. Coach Joe Bakel arrives tomorrow, and then the whole team will be here.

I will keep this first note brief, and will follow up with a more extensive message tomorrow. As I did last year, I will write daily reports up until the swim, and then post frequent updates throughout the swim (assuming constant connectivity). For now, I have copied a message from friend Ann below that contains a lot of good information, including material that is new this year.

My reporting format is also new this year. Lara has put together a cool blog site, where we will post my reports, media articles, channel swimming info, etc. You may register to receive email notifications when a new story is posted (don’t worry, I’ll also send out emails). In addition, Lara has posted all of my reports from last year. Please see:

In addition, you may follow me on Twitter and/or friend me on Facebook. I’ll be posting updates there as well: (@clthornton)

What else can I share with you tonight? As far as I can tell, the city of Dover hasn’t changed a bit over the past year. Tomorrow, Dad will swim in the morning, and then we will go see Eddie the boat pilot and the Annastasia Channel Boat tomorrow afternoon.

That’s it for now. More tomorrow.

Keep your fingers crossed for good weather, calm seas, and slow currents!



3 Responses

  1. On Jul 30, 2013, at 4:45, Ann Donoghue wrote:

    Hi All,

    George and Louise are in Dover, England now. His “tide window” opened today, but it will be awhile before he gets to swim. There are 3 people ahead of him. AND, the weather is bad. Lots of wind and rain. It looks like the first opportunity for any of them to swim might be this Thursday. Then the weather turns bad again and the next opening in the weather appears to be next week.

    You can follow George’s boat the “Anastasia”, captained by Eddie Spelling, on Twitter at:@AnastasiaSwim

    We’ll also be able to follow George’s track on:

    The Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation website has all kinds of great info, including a spotlight on Eddie

    If you are in the Fort Collins area and want to swim in a lake we are setting up “home base” on Lindenmeier Lake. Fellow swimmers at Katie and Paul Sherick have graciously offered up their backyard with direct access to the lake!! Their address is 4 Windjammer Cove. THANK YOU Katie and Paul!

    We’ll have a tent for anyone wanting to nap. (I will probably be camping out there for the duration).

    If you come you might consider bringing chairs, lights, food, drink, bug spray, sunscreen, sleeping bag, etc. We’ll have access to a hose for rinsing off and a nice grassy back yard under trees for relaxing between swims.

    For swimming at night we will be putting headlamps in the dry bag side of the orange swim buoys that OWLS use. It makes them glow and they are quite visible. We’ll also try to have lanterns on the rafts (so we don’t bonk into them). If you have a headlamp or lantern, please bring it/them.

    Additionally, the Sherick’s have 3 kayaks and a canoe that they have offered up for use! If you have friends or family members who would like to participate, who don’t want to swim and are comfortable paddling, we welcome them to come along and join the fun!!

    I’ll keep you updated on when it looks like George might swim. Once we have a nearly firm date, we’ll start scheduling…everyone can volunteer for the time that works best for them. And, it can be anywhere, you don’t have to swim at Lindenmeier!

    Thanks for helping to support George!


    • Ann – best of luck to your friend and all of his supporters. If you need a swimmer at “Chenango Lake”, let us know and we’ll cover from the East Coast 🙂

  2. If anyone wishes to swim “with” George, please contact me personally. We need to know who will show up at the Sherick’s and we will be arranging a schedule in order to cover the entire time he’s swimming! Thanks, Ann ardonoghue at gmail dot com

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