George Thornton English Channel Swim : Round 2; Day 7

Laundry day. That’s about all I have to report. Good bye.

OK, OK, I’ll write a bit more to placate my adoring fans. OK, OK, you’re all Dad’s/George’s adoring fans, but you’re stuck reading my narratives and I don’t want to waste such a fine captive audience.

KUSA 9News TV ran a nice story on Dad:

Today really was laundry day. Then nap day. Then dinner. We drove to Folkstone, which is southwest down the coast about 10 miles, and ate at a little fish restaurant on the harbor. We arrived at low tide, and it was odd to see all of the boats sitting in the mud (2 photos). After dinner, the skies had cleared and the waters had calmed, and France was just across the way (photo). The Channel looked inviting, and Dad was tempted to start his swim …

There were five swim boats out today. We think two of them were escorting swimmers doing doubles: England > France > England. If so, we think that their return swims tonight will be across nice, calm seas. More successful swims now = more good karma for Dad.

We will have plenty of time for Thank Yous after Dad’s swim, but there are a few people I’d like to recognize now. First is Dad/George himself. He inspires us all to be better people. You know.

Next is Mom/Louise. She is a strong and accomplished person in her own right, as well as Dad’s steadfast partner and companion. They are an amazing team, and it says everything that Dad wants her on the boat during his swim.

Daughters Julia and Lara, and indeed the entire Thornton/Fleming clan, have provided all of their love and encouragement throughout this long and arduous process. I know Dad feels deeply that there is not a stronger foundation than family, and ours is as strong as they come. Julia and Lara came to England and surprised Dad last year, and we all know they’d love to be here now.

Joe Bakel is to blame for this entire endeavor. Wait, that’s not what I meant. Dad crewed for Joe’s Channel swim three years ago, and we all knew that Dad would come home with the bug. Joe has long been a good friend to Dad, and for the past three years has ‘coached’ him as Dad trained for his swim. Joe came to Dover last year and waited with us, and is here again this year. That’s a special kind of devotion. Or a special kind of crazy. No, devotion. (Joe has been taunting me all week. I quietly accept it … then take my revenge publicly.)

A huge Thank You to Ann Donoghue and all of the many swimmers she has organized to "swim along" with Dad. A few of them are captured in the attached photo, spelling out "George!" As I understand it, Ann will be camped out at Lindenmeier Lake in Fort Collins throughout the swim, and she has "about 36 people on the list who have indicated a desire to swim…including people in New Zealand, Belgium, NY, CO and MD! What fun!" Fun, indeed. And a tremendous psychological boost for Dad.

To everyone who has donated to Team Fort Collins, Thank You. More information on Dad’s charitable fundraising campaign here:

And on a personal note, good friends like Chris Royse, Pam Boteler, Sandy Butcher, and Kathy Summers have rallied their own troops to support Dad. He and I appreciate your friendship. To all of you who have written emails, posted Facebook comments, or Tweeted, we have read them all and feel your support.

Finally, there are a couple of you who I have thanked, or will thank personally. You know who you are.

Have a good night.



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