George Thornton English Channel Swim : Round 2; Day 8

Another slow day here in paradise.

Some good news: Anastasia Channel Boat pilot Eddie will be taking his next swimmer out tomorrow (Tuesday) morning, starting at 7:30am — Kathy Batts, a local Brit, swimming solo from England to France. Eddie texted me today to let us know that Wednesday is a "maybe" for Dad/George, but Thursday looks good. So, one way or another, after tomorrow Dad is on deck! (That was a good pun, right?)

Those of you who were reading my reports last year may have noticed that I’m not posting as many swim- and Dover-related photos this year. I figured I’d avoid duplication — let’s face it, a swimmer in the water, the beach, and the White Cliffs all look the same from year to year. So, I invite you to peruse my photos from last year, since the images are essentially the same as this year:

Mellow day today. Dad swam and Mom walked this morning, then they went to a hobby shop near the marina that Dad has had his eye for days. I worked. Doing what we can to conserve energy but remain occupied.

A bit of trivia for you today. There are two associations in the UK that govern Channel swim pilots and boats, and certify official Channel swims. One is the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation ( — the "Federation" — and the other is the Channel Swimming Association ( — the "Association." As I understand it, the differences are primarily political and historical. They seem to follow essentially the same rules, as far as officiating a swim, the differences being so nuanced that only the thousand or so Channel Swimmers would care. Eddie and the Anastasia is a member of the CS&PF.

The folks at Guinness don’t care which organization certifies the swim for its World Records. And for fun, here’s the record that Dad will break in a couple of days: Roger is rooting for George.

As you can tell, we’ve been more subdued this year, taking fewer sightseeing outings in favor of more relaxation (and work for me) time. Those of you in need of an amusing anecdote are welcome to read my July 14 entry from last year about our wonderful evening at the Chinese buffet. I’m reminded of it daily, as we walk past that restaurant on our way to/from the harbor area. See

This time tomorrow we hope to have a definitive answer on Dad’s swim start date/time. Let’s have one more round of finger crossing, weather dancing, and deity discussions to gather those cosmic forces in favor of a nice, smooth Channel for Wednesday.




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