George Thornton English Channel Swim : Round 2; Day 10

Good morning.

Here we go … again!

We are now scheduled to meet our boat pilot at 7:00am UK time tomorrow (Thursday) morning. That would have Dad starting his swim around 8:00am. (Eddie will confirm this evening at 7:00pm, after he sleeps and gets a final weather update.)

As a couple of you have noted, we are on that proverbial roller coaster ride. We came last summer all pumped up and ready to go, but the weather never gave us any real shot. We came again this summer, all pumped up and ready to go. The weather looked good, and swimmers started crossing early into our trip. We had real hopes that Dad would get to go at the end of last week, and that we might be home over the weekend. The weather turned, and the swimming stopped for a few days. Then in the last 48 hours, we saw swimmers starting to go again, the green light went on for Dad’s turn … and then it got turned off. These ups and downs take their emotional, psychological, and physical tolls.

Anastasia’s swimmer yesterday, Kathy Batts of the UK, took 22 hours and 31 minutes to cross. She finished after 6:00am, and the Anastasia returned to Dover after 9:30am this morning. Obviously, our plan to meet at 6:15am would not have worked! Congratulations to Kathy on her perseverance and becoming a Channel Swimmer. Here is her route: As you can see, sometime after 10:00pm she caught the strong French coastal current that shot her way back north. I can only imagine the battle she fought throughout the night, as the French beach must have seemed so close but the strength of the flowing seas just wouldn’t let her get in.

No Channel swim boats went out today. All of the pilots must have concurred with Eddie’s reading of the weather report, which he indicated in his text late last night when he postponed Dad’s swim by a day. Eddie texted again this morning that they encountered 25 knot winds and bumpy seas on their return trip, so it was a good call to postpone. Actually, tomorrow’s maritime weather forecast looks pretty good, with almost no wave height, almost no winds, sunny, and good visibility. See

Here’s a story in yesterday’s local Fort Collins paper:

I hear that 9News and Channel 2 News in Denver ran stories on Dad the past couple of evenings, but they don’t appear to be posted to the web yet. Please send me the links if anyone finds the stories.

By the way, I missed this story earlier:

I also missed this blurb from Dad’s graduate school:

Deep breath. The green light is back on. Time to rally.



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  1. I have tried to keep an updated list of media links on the “Media” page. Dad is getting a lot of attention, which is great! If I have missed any, please feel free to let me know and I will add it to the list.


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