13:52 Update

Tell everyone THANKS! All going great. Just entered SW shipping lane. Big cargo ships. Dad making jokes. Good spirits. Consistent stroke rate for 4+ hours.


13 Responses

  1. Go George!

  2. Goooooo!
    Muggs, we are sitting here pulling for you while you are working your duff off! GO MAN GO!



  3. Keep it up George! Way to go!!

  4. Waw, George is making great progress! Wish him the best!
    Way to go, George!

  5. Wahooo!!! Go, George, go! Go George go!!

  6. George is making great progress! Wish him the best!

  7. swim George swim!

  8. Impressive! Keep it up!

  9. Way to go George!!!!! I sure have been thinking of all of you! Thanks for the updates!!!!!

  10. Time for tea George!!
    Dale rode around FC on his bike
    in your honor looking for garage sales
    All the 73 year old men are feeling testy today!!
    Carry on..love, Mary and Dale

  11. My entire family is rooting for George. We are on a family trip and will soon be at Niagara Falls. Whether in Canada, the U.S., England or beyond, there is immense goodwill and positive energy flowing to all of you in the Channel. Here is to continued calm seas, strength and perseverance!! Ashley

  12. I’ve got my whole office engaged in tracking his swim! I’m not getting ANY work done today!

  13. So excited for you George! 🙂

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