@AnastasiaSwim: Sorry to report George got out. He is ok. And we are heading back to Dover

From Charles:
Abandoned. Hypothermia.


5 Responses

  1. We know he is disappointed but his welfare is everyone,s primary concern. What an exemplary effort!! We send our love and support to all of you.

  2. we’re thankful that George is ok and that he made it a long, long way.
    just curious, is there a rule against wearing wetsuits? I know it is more difficult to swim in full wetsuits, but …

  3. Sorry to hear this. Know you are all disappointed. We are still amazed with him. Glad to hear he is OK. As a whole this has been a wonderful experience for all of you. We send our love and look forward to hear more about the adventure.

  4. I don’t think I know anyone else who has swum half the English Channel! Great effort, congratulations!

  5. Amazing none the less. He trained, he showed up, he was determined, he persevered, he has still accomplished what most of the population has not, or would never even try! That is fierce courage if you ask me and that is worth everything! Good job George! I am an admirer!

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